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The National Sports Center Velodrome is the fastest human-powered sport on two wheels.

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The Velodrome is for riders and racers of all ages. Whether you want to race weekly or learn how to ride the track, we have a program for you. Click here for more information.

2018 Season Schedule Announced!

18 Race Nights with Opening Night May 17

The 2018 race season is almost here!  With an early start to the year on May 17, we’re excited to have an extra week of racing.  The Fixed Gear Classic returns on August 24-25.  Here are a few other highlights:

  • Madison training starts April 26
  • Intro class #1 starts May 1
  • Structured training begins May 7
  • Women/Trans/Femme intro class starts May 13
  • Licensed rider intro class starts May 13
  • Velo Kids session #1 starts June 2

See the full season schedule here.

Let's Race!

Riding a bike with one gear and no brakes in a bowl with 43 degree angled sides might be the coolest thing in the world. Click here to get all your race information.

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The Fastest Human-Powered Sport