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Corporate Challenge

Corporate Challenge Competitors

2018 Results

Cargill Defends Title in come-from behind gold medal ride

Cargill battled from behind in the Gold Medal final to take the 2018 Corporate Challenge title over a very strong and well-oiled Medtronic Purkinje team.  Medtronic found their rhythm within the first 60 meters to take an early lead in the final.  Cargill battled back to level the race at the half-way mark.  The lead changed hands 3 times before Cargill's Joshua Schneider sealed the deal for the defending champs.

Twelve teams entered the fray, with the fastest 6 qualifying teams battling in the medal rounds.  Three companies fielded two teams, Boston Scientific, HGA and Medtronic.  Galil Medical, MN Cycling Center, Pope Architects, Quality Bicycle Products and the Real Estate Riders rounded out the draw.  The bronze medal went to HGA Velo 1 over Quality Bicycle Products.  Boston Scientific's #2 team added another medal to the corporate display case with a 5th place win over Medtronic's Synapse squad.

2018 Corporate Challenge Medal Round Results

Place Team Time
1 Cargill 1.55.20
2 Medtronic Purkinje 1.55.43
3 HGA Velo 1 1.57.22
4 Quality Bicycle Products 1.58.01
5 Boston Scientific 1 2.04.53
6 Medtronic Synapse 2.04.63

2018 Corporate Challenge Qualifying Times

Team Time
Cargill 1.55.31
Medtronic Purkinje 1.56.44
Quality Bicycle Products 1.57.47
HGA Velo 1 1.58.24
Boston Scientific 1 2.01.34
Medtronic Synapse 2.04.75
MN Cycling Center 2.04.81
HGA Velo 2 2.07.11
Real Estate Riders 2.07.16
Boston Scientific 2 2.07.96
Galil Medical 2.08.36
Pope Architects 2.11.56

Race. Connect. Contribute.

The Corporate Challenge at the NSC Velodrome offers your employees a unique team-building experience while at the same time introducing them to the sport of velodrome racing. On top of that, it's just plain fun!

The Corporate Challenge pits teams against one another in the Italian Pursuit. During each race, two teams line up on opposite sides of the velodrome and "pursue" each other over six laps. The lead rider of each team drops off after each lap, leaving only the final, or anchor rider, to finish the race against the clock.

No experience needed

  • You only need a helmet, fitness clothes and athletic shoes (cycling shoes are definitely welcome)
  • Learn to ride a fixed gear bike!
  • Teams consist of six riders
  • We provide the track bikes, coaching and training time.
  • Train one night per week for five weeks prior to the event.


Schedule and Fees

Race Night: August 1, 2019 .

Training Nights: June 12, 19, 26 July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31. 
This year June 12 and 19 will be reserved for "new riders"....those who have not raced on the track before are required to make these first two training sessions to get up to speed before training with their teams. Other team members may assist in their training on those nights but the program will emphasize basic etiquette and skills for beginners.

Team registration fees: $600 per team of 6. $100 per rider for "extra" riders. All proceeds benefit the NSC Velodrome programs.


To register and pay for each individual separately, click here (coming soon).

To register and pay for an entire team, contact the event registrar,


Velodrome Contact

Bob Williams

Track Director

Phone: 763.785.5614 Hotline: 763.785.5651

Weekly Schedule

View the general weekly schedule of when the velodrome is open for training and racing.

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