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Racer Information

Below is all the important information for riders and racers of the NSC Velodrome.

Fee Structure

2019 Fees


  • Introductory Track Class: $100
  • Future Stars Juniors (Age 13-18): $80
  • VeloKids (Age 9-12): $80


  • Season Pass: $150/year 
  • Monthly Pass - April: $30/month 

  • Monthly Pass (May-September): $60/month 
  • Monthly Pass - October : $30/ month 
  • Daily Pass (Open Riding): $15/day  
  • Daily Pass (With Instruction): $20/day  
    • Examples: Structured Training, Developmental Time Trials, Match Sprint Clinics
    • Daily Passes only apply when rider does NOT hold an annual or monthly training pass:
  • Purchase pass now

Bike Rental

  • $5/use

Race Entry Fee

  • Racers with annual or monthly training pass:
    • Adult (19+): $20
    • Junior (13-18): $15
  • Racers without annual or monthly training pass:
    • Adult (19+): $25 
    • Junior (13-18): $15 


  • Group Rental (2 hours): $200 minimum + $20/person if greater than 10 users
  • Corporate Challenge: $600/team of 6. $100 per "extra" rider.
  • Track Rental: $1000/day

Questions? Contact Bob Williams


Anyone riding or training on the National Sports Center Velodrome must first read and sign a NSC Liability Waiver. Minors must have their parents read and sign this waiver. The waiver must be signed each season before any training is done on the track. Races are run under permit of USA Cycling and USAC licenses are required and waivers must be signed as a condition of entry into a race.



Riders should be prepared to handle themselves on a track with these extreme dimensions. Those not familiar with this type of velodrome would be well advised to enroll in the Introductory Track Class in order to learn the proper etiquette, procedures, and skills necessary to safely race on this track.


  • Equipment that is necessary to ride on the track is a track bike with a single fixed gear and no brakes
  • Quick release wheels are not allowed with the exception of individual time trials
  • A bottom bracket height of at least 27 cm from the ground to the center of the bottom bracket axel and a crank length of 165 or 170 mm is recommended in order to allow for proper pedal clearance with the banking
  • An ANSI or SNELL approved bike helmet is required when riding the track
  • Cycling shoes and shorts are recommended
  • Clipless pedals are allowed as are toe clips and straps
  • Jerseys or tops should cover the shoulders
  • Gloves are recommended but not mandatory
  • Tubular tires must be well glued on to the rims
  • Equipment should be in good condition

Training Zones of the Track

There are different zones of the track that every rider should be familiar with. These are areas where certain types of activities should be practiced and other activities should be avoided.

Racing Rules and Etiquette

All racers should review and be familiar with the rules and etiquette for the NSC Velodrome. The extreme dimensions of this velodrome demand following the rules and etiquette established for the safety of all riders.


The riders are under the jurisdiction of the track director or instructor in charge of the training session. If in their opinion a rider or their equipment is judged to be insufficient for the safety of all concerned riding the track the rider may be asked to exit the track until changes are made.


The Thursday Night Track Race Series is an 'E' level race and is therefore scored as an omnium. The top four finishers in each event will earn 5, 3, 2, 1 points towards the night’s omnium. The top four point scorers in the overall night’s omnium will score  5, 3, 2, 1 points towards category upgrade provided there are at least 10 riders in the field (20 for Cat 1 upgrade).

License Upgrades

All track upgrades are processed by USA Cycling and Velodrome Managers using the following criteria:

  • Riders finishing in the top five in a race event at a National Championship, National Qualifier, Category A, B, or C track race will receive  5, 3, 2, 1 for each event.
  • Top four in D, and E level races receive 5, 3, 2, 1 points towards an Omnium
  • The top four in an Omnium score  5, 3, 2, 1 points towards category upgrade.
  • Events with field sizes smaller than 10 riders do not qualify for upgrade points to Cat 2 or 3.
  • Events with field sizes smaller than 20 riders do not qualify for upgrade points to Cat 1.


  • From Cat 5 to Cat 4: complete a Velodrome class or four race days.
  • From Cat 4 to Cat 3: five race days and 20 points
  • From Cat 3 to Cat 2: five race days and 25 points
  • From Cat 2 to Cat 1: five race days and 30 points. Points must be earned at more than one velodrome.

One half of the points earned this season can be carried over to next season at this track.

License Downgrades

A rider may be downgraded for the following reasons:

  • Unsafe riding
  • Lack of placing within current category
  • Lack of ability to compete in current category

Velodrome Contact

Bob Williams

Track Director

Phone: 763.785.5614 Hotline: 763.785.5651

Weekly Schedule

View the general weekly schedule of when the velodrome is open for training and racing.

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