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Training Pass Info

2018 Training Pass Fee Structure

  • Annual Pass: $160/year + $40 maintenance surcharge
  • Monthly Pass (April & October): $35/month + $15 maintenance surcharge
  • Monthly Pass (May-September): $55/month + $15 maintenance surcharge
  • Daily Pass (Open Riding): $15/day + $5 maintenance surcharge
  • Daily Pass (With Instruction): $20/day + $5 maintenance surcharge
    • Examples of instruction training: Structured Training, Developmental Time Trials, Madison Training, Match Sprint Clinics, Motor Pacing
    • Daily Passes only apply when rider does NOT hold an annual or monthly training pass:

Purchase Training Pass

Click here to purchase a 2018 training pass.

Velodrome Container Hook

The velodrome has a limited number of bike hooks available for rent in our storage container located on-site. Cost is $100 for the season. 

2018 season hooks are sold out.